About Me

Like most men at a young I am obsessed with the automobile .Growing up and working with my father “Enzo” Who shared the same passion but was not able to acquire brand new exotic cars . So he would buy second-hand Alfa Romeos , Porsche 911 , Mercedes-Benz to name a few . We would spend Sundays Restoring them after we watched the Formula 1 race.

My main focus here is Photography and daily events , As a Freelance professional photographer , It started when I met a a person in my neighborhood who later became one of my close friends ,He had a 1999 pearl white Lamborghini Diablo SV Monterey Edition . This car was like a shark when It came down the BLVD one of the deepest exhausts that rumbled . A 12 cylinder symphony . It was unheard of to see such a rare beast in the neighborhood since most of the high-end cars were Mercedes ,BMW, Porsche , Lexus and Cadillac .

I was invited to spend a day at a Charity where dozens of other High end exotics showed , I was in my glory . Taking pictures and video so I can have some great memories since it was not even conceivable for me to buy vehicle like that at the time . Soon there after that , I was invited to some calendar shoots which introduced models and felt wow High end exotics and Bikini girls , This is great !

When the Car events were not around , I tried to exercise my skills with other forms of photography . I was on Vacation in Newport Beach California visiting my brother who is a photographer for his livelihood . We were in a well-known camera store out there which I believe was Carls Camera , Looking around at the How to books I came across a HDR book , Looked inside and seen some amazing photography , One of the People in the book was Trey Ratcliff I began to take in interest in what he did and follow his works which I was amazed with . I had my camera and took it with me everywhere and was photographing everything . Mostly Architecture . I was uploading my images to Flickr which does get tons of exposure , I went forward to meet other people on the site and had created a following of a few good people . My interest was to simply upload images , I never veered off to others pages because I was sitting back and enjoying the compliments .At some point realizing that it was very selfish of me not to view others works , not that I was not interested simply that I didn’t have the time to spend commenting  most people’s work . Today ,my images have changed drastically , I spend more time in Post processing than I did before . I had a fan and now I have become one of his , His name is Klaus Herman he has mastered the technique of HDR and what I believe is the true definition of HDR if you are familiar with his work , you know already if not I recommend you should take a look even if you are not a fan of HDR .

I have developed a large interest and my Canon 5D Mark II goes with me everywhere . I attend many events auto and non auto and would like to document these events for those interested , Sometimes you will see some amazing photography an other times just basic for the sake of showing the world about an event .

This is not my main source of income , I am employed by the Govt and work long hours . I belong to many forums so my time is somewhat limited . I will to my best as I learn and continue to write a post on here as I hope to have and create an informative blog with advertisers to help supplement my costs into attending these events and maintaining equipment .

Thank you and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here .

Innocenzo Jimmy Ciorra



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